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Our hydraulic hammer is designed to revolutionize your demolition and construction projects. With its exceptional power, durability, and versatility, it will become your go-to tool for tackling the toughest materials and achieving outstanding results. 

Our Range

Breaker Applications

There are a variety of applications for the hydraulic breaker. It is used widely in the construction and demolition industries. It is an essential tool for breaking concrete, rocks, asphalt, and other hard materials during demolition or site preparation work. In mining, it is used to break down the material, making it easier to access, process, and transport. For utility work, breakers can be used for road maintenance, cable and pipe trenching, and demolition projects. We have a hammer for any application.

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Tool Bits

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The correct choice of the most suitable tool for a certain job is crucial not only in increasing breaker productivity but also for the life of the tool itself. We use heat treatment on every tool to tailor the properties of the tool to meet specific application requirements such as hardness and wear resistance.

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